Organic Waste to Feed Production: Black Soldier Fly Rearing, Protein Production and Comparison to Conventional Feed

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Bangladesh is a very populous country. Different problem arise due to population. Bangladesh is in an industrial revolution. Cities here are expanding exponentially. There are different major problems in overly populated urban communities like ours. Municipal Solid Waste Management is one of them. Nutrition, food security and safety are the two major national concerns. To match our demand we are extracting more and more resources and dumping more and more wastes in the environment. Thus we are harming the balance of the nature, which can lead to catastrophe. It is now high time we make the most sustainable use of our resources and stop polluting our environment. We are dumping our municipal solid wastes now, of which most are organic kitchen wastes. These wastes are comprised of nutritional facts which are unused by human. If we can use the organic elements we dump to make feed for our poultry and cattle we can not only reduce a significant amount of waste that we dump, we can also play a role to ensure food security and safety. This will also benefit us to reduce global warming by reducing emission of greenhouse gases. This study is to prove that we can transform our organic waste into nutritional facts by using an insect which is environment friendly and with very little side effects.
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Environmental Science and Management
North South University
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