Low Cost Underactuated Solar Tracker System with FLC based MPPT, Multilevel Inverter and THD Control

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Amongst the renewable energy sources, solar is one that has one of the highest growth rates. This rapidly increasing energy generation system requires rapid development. As solar PV systems require a large area and are limited in efficiency, we need to extract as much energy as possible from the limited space. To that end, this project aims to develop a complete grid tied solar PV system, which can increase per panel efficiency and reduce subsequent losses of the system. In order to achieve this aim, firstly, a novel low cost underactuated dual axis tracker system is built which is operated with a single motor and relatively cheap parts. After that, a Fuzzy Logic based Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) is used to operate the outputs of the panels at maximum power point (MPP). This MPPT is far superior to conventional Perturbation and Observation (P&O) methods in terms of reliability and power consumption and at the same time less complex than the modern artificial neural network scheme. Following that, a 9-level multilevel inverter (MLI) with reduced switches, is used to achieve 3-phase power supply. Finally, a THD elimination scheme is selected and implemented from existing schemes to provide quality power to the grid. The entirety of the project is implemented and simulated in MATLAB and Simulink software.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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