Dhaka City Dwellers’ Adaptation to the Absence of Open Spaces

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Open spaces are essential for public satisfaction. Dhaka city is known as one of the most congested cities in the world with almost 47,000 people per square kilometer.(PopulationStat, October 2, 2020)A large scale of the open spaces has been filled up to create shelters for the existing people and upcoming migrators, causing urbanization. Thus this population suffers the most from the lack of open spaces throughout the whole city. Even with the existing spaces, the lack of accessibility and maintenance make it difficult for the people to enjoy. As Dhaka is getting more and more congested day by day, these open spaces can be considered as an escape from all the urban chaos and hectic, busy life. After completing their daily life errands, an escape to nature can help the busy city dwellers to reduce their stress level and to build a community to fight their loneliness. But as people’s lives are getting busier and the city congestion, also the amount of traffic jam is almost sky-high, it has become very difficult for these people to just go out and get some fresh air, especially if these open spaces are located quite far from home. Thus, their activities have become more indoor and less outdoor based. They are trying to invent new similar, alternative, or sometimes completely different activities to fill up their limited free time. So this study is done to figure out whether these alternative indoor activities be considered as a lifesaver and eventually be suitable enough to take over the place of outdoor activities in the near future.
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