Utilization of Garments Leftover(Jhut) as Alternative Energy for Boiler

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The readymade garments industry acts as a catalyst for the development of Bangladesh and rebuild country’s economy. In Bangladesh there are over 4000 garments factories in operation from which a good amount of leftover, locally called as “jhut” are generated. In total at least 500 000 tons of leftovers (can be even 700 000 tons) are created per year. Main fuel for boiler is gas or diesel but both gas and diesel are non-renewable energy. On the other hand gas and diesel price is increasing day by day. Nowadays, production hampers because of lack of gas pressure. Contrarary due to increase unit price of gas/diesel, it effects on manufacturing price of the product. Considering all these fact, main purpose of this thesis is to explore whether jhut can be the best alternative energy, compare to gas and diesel, for boiler or not. Besides, author find out yearly cost and consumption of natural resources for running a boiler. For conducting this thesis, author have collected information of 2 types of boiler that are Gas boiler and Diesel boiler beside Jhut boiler. In addition, author have collected information about average jhut generated from different types of factories for instance Woven (top & bottom) factory, Knit factory and Sweater factory and the source of jhut generation. For completing this thesis both primary and secondary data are used. Finally results shows that, jhut boiler could be an alternative energy for boiler. It is possible to reduce boiler operating cost by 65.88% and 94.08% for gas boiler and diesel boiler respectively by using jhut boiler. In addition, it will save yearly 867041.53m3 gas and 631505 liter diesel for a 1 ton capacity boiler. On the contrary, it will reduce yearly 354000 kg garments leftover for a 1 ton capacity boiler, those are usually factories sale at a minimal price to the 3rd party. Like every coin has two sides to consider, it has also some environmental hazards such as air and soil pollution. In recommendation part, author has given few recommendations about what can we do against these pollution so that, we can say energy getting from burning jhut is one kind of alternative green energy for boiler.
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