Health Status of Textile Dyeing Workers of Padma Poly Cotton Knit Fabrics Ltd: A Case Study

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Textile Industry plays a significant role in the economic growth of Bangladesh for the last few decades and also earned foreign currencies. A textile industry consists of knitting, dyeing, washing, production, finishing and others sectors. The working environment of the textile factories is not congenial to health as all the segments associate with chemicals that are hazardous for health. The study analyzed the health status of textile dying workers. The study has been conducted to identify the major health problems of the workers in the textile industry. So, the researcher selected the textile dying factory from the Tejgaon area of Dhaka, namely Padma PolyCotton Knit Fabrics Ltd as subject of the research. The sample consisted of 80 workers. Data were collected through personal interviews with the selected samples. It was found that work in the dying factory severely affected worker’s health, as they were restrained in a closed environment. Nature of work in dying factories created various types of health effects among the selected respondents such as headache, musculoskeletal pain, allergic reaction, Respiratory problems, Cough, Gastrointestinal problems, Psychological problems, hearing problems etc. Moreover, this study tried to find out whether they were provided with adequate training, health facilities and accessories to protect themselves from various health hazards. To accomplish the goals, this research has focused on the health status of the textile dying factory among textile workers from the selected area Tejgaon of Dhaka. The study sample consisted of 80 textile workers from the selected area. Data and responses were collected using questionnaires. The study concluded that textile dying workers of Dhaka are not conscious of physical and psychological health impacts but they did feel that its effects in both their daily lives and in the on-run. The government should take necessary action and strengthen regulations to overcome the health-related problems of textile workers so that they can contribute more for the development of the Textile industry of Bangladesh.
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Environmental Science and Management
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