Smart Baby Monitoring System

Now a days, people are having a very busy hectic life in which taking care of an infant 24/7 is tough. Specially for working parents, a modernized IOT designed cot will be very helpful. Mostly children are taken care through the day by their grandparents or house-help or by a babysitter. We are using a very efficient, user-friendly technology where we are implementing automatic swinging of cradle with sound detection of baby crying using sound sensor, lullaby through speakers, humidity sensors to know the moisture level, presence of child through weight sensors, real time video streaming, notifications sending present conditions to parents with certain conditions. Also, detection of baby in the room if the baby is not detected in the cradle (using raspberry pi & image processing). The system will detect if the baby is in the cradle or send direct connection to the camera in the room for live streaming, swings if the sound detects the baby crying. The baby monitoring system is an improved technology for new parents and would be of huge help and riddance of unrequired tensions.
Department Name
Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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