Improved Static Algorithm for Virtual Machine Resource Provisioning in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an advanced model for delivering information technology services which resources are retrieved from the internet. Security, resource allocation and resource provisioning are challenges in cloud computing. The selection, deployment and run time management of database server and hardware resources are known to us as resource provisioning. The aim of resource provisioning is to gain the highest performance in minimum time and to reduce the cost amount. There are many resource provisioning techniques available today. They can be static or dynamic. These resource provisioning techniques used must meet Quality of Service(QoS) parameters etc and avoiding service Level Agreement(SLA) violation. We should avoid over provisioning and under provisioning. In this research we are aiming to implement some existing algorithms for resource provisioning, compare them and try to come up with a new sophisticated way of resource provisioning in cloud computing environment.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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