Early Stage Disease Detection Using Mobile Phone Application

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Every year a significant number of people died because of diseases. Mostly in our country, detecting the disease and get the report need at least 24 hours or more time. In rural areas, it takes more than one days just because of lacking of modern technologies. A doctor can start the treatment for the patient after knowing the disease name. As detecting the disease take some time, in emergency cases, the patient can be died. So our main focus is to develop a mobile phone application software which will help to detect the disease within a few second (just click on the result button). This application will help the people to knowing their disease name within a few second. That means this apps save our time and doctor can start the treatment for the patient without wasting any time and in emergency cases, it saves the patient life. Primarily, we add malaria detection in this application. In future, we will add more. Firstly, we build the application for the pathologists but anyone can use this application and get benefited if they have the red blood cell images. In this application, giving the red blood cells image in it and after clicking the result button it will give the result as affected or not affected by malaria disease within a few second. We build this app in that way which is user friendly, supported and perform smoothly in any low budget smart phone so that in rural areas, anyone can use this app and detect the disease if they have the red blood cell images.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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