Online Class & Examination Monitoring Platform

Most educational institutions and business organizations conduct their activities over online meeting platforms like Google Meet or Zoom in this pandemic situation. But these applications only provide a meeting platform. The host needs to monitor the members manually. In the online examinations, teachers need to monitor the students' activities one to one by themselves. We are planning to build a platform that will provide a more audited video conferencing service. This project's primary purpose is to periodically identify the meeting members by pre-given face recognition data and confirming if the person in front of the camera is the authentic one or not. Also, it will provide one step more fair exam policies. We have built two kinds of student evaluation systems: MCQ and written exam. During both types of exams, clipboards and right-click buttons of the mousepads of user computers will be deactivated so that no one can copy the questions. Also, the system will notify the host if someone minimizes or leaves the exam tab or go to another tab. The overall system gives a fairer examination conducting policy than the regularly practising ones.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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