IOT Based Health Care System

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IOT based Health care system reduces the distance between health care provider and patients and helps ease of monitoring. Internet of Things paradigm allows for small devices with sensing, processing and communication capabilities to be designed, which enable the development of sensors, embedded devices and other ‘things’ ready to understand the environment. As the whole world is getting dependent on IoT as the technology around it evolving so fast and as it is making comfortable of using the technology. In this paper, a distributed framework based on the internet of things paradigm is proposed for monitoring human biomedical signals in activities involving physical exertion. In our project, we have proposed a complete system model of providing IOT based healthcare services with the help of a dedicated Cloud, Server, website and Mobile App. The use of IOT health machine to monitor the cardiac condition, pulse, Temperature, Humidity and send the location of patient. So, in our proposal, we wanted to bring an affordable and easy solution to facilitate the people. And therefore, our system is portable and so can be taken anywhere and still will be able to monitor the health condition. We have used Server for signal processing, analysis and decision making which is then stored in Cloud and then can be accessed by Mobile app and website anywhere with the wireless network.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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