An Automatic Monitoring and Climate Control System inside Greenhouse in Precision Agriculture

The technological development in wireless sensor networks created it potential to use in observation and control of greenhouse parameter in exactness agriculture. In last decades there are tremendous advancements in technology for agriculture and growth of ultimate yield. Due to uneven natural distribution of rain water, it's terribly crucial for farmers to observe and management the equal distribution of water to all or any crops within the whole farm or as per the need of the crop. There is no ideal irrigation technique available which can be appropriate for all weather, soil structure and form of crops cultures. Green house technology could also be the most effective resolution for this resolution. Due to the controlled climate situation the outer changes in climate will not have an effect on the cultivation. There will be no pests or diseases, farmers will have the maximum production of crops in minimum costs. Farmers and millions of people will be benefited as far as the health and financial issues are concerned .This project demonstrates the design and implementation of a wireless sensor networks for greenhouse environment monitoring and controlling. GSM module is used in this project as a wireless network system. By using GSM Module, we will keep information about the consequences of climate on plants. The system will also demonstrate climatic changes which affect the plant in its productivity and quality etc. The main purpose of arising this project is to create an Automatic Green House Monitoring in which GSM module sends information about Temperature, Humidity, light, Soil moisture and standing of appliances (Fan, Sprays, Artificial Lights and Water pump) that are connected with circuit for controlling Green House effects or Green House parameters (Temperature, Humidity, Light intensity and Water supply for plants).
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University