Development of A Web Based Telemedicine Service System

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Health care sector is a part and parcel of a society. A well-structured system of health care is an index of a society's high quality of life. Telemedicine can play a vital role in order to attain a new benchmark in health care system. Along with the revolutionary progress in the communications field and continuous development in Information Technology (IT), telemedicine has acquired a great leap and served millions of lives in emergency situations. The consultation on telemedicine has broken the geographical constraint and facilitated the subsidence of quality medical services. In this way, patients can receive high level medical services from the experts at the primary hospital. In general, consultation among doctor and patient is done by the patient went to the doctor in real situation. Therefore, patients must provide time and cost to consult with a doctor. This paper presents the development of web and smartphone applications for the people of Bangladesh where both patients and doctors can register and patients can have medical treatment via video calling. Using the developed web and smartphone applications, patients can register via their email or phone number, store information concerning their health, search available doctors, send text messages or make video calls to the available doctors, and complete payment through online. Doctors can also register to the system where the verification to ensure the authenticity of the information provided by the doctor is handled manually. The doctors can view a patient’s medical history whenever a patient makes contact through text or video call and provide treatment accordingly. The applications provide a faster and enhanced way to get treatment and will ensure the availability of treatments in remote areas. The system will help to spread health care services nationwide and provide doctors with the opportunity to help to improve the health conditions of the citizens of Bangladesh
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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