Smart Case For Smart Gadgets(Smart Shield)

People drop and break their smart gadgets like smart phone all the time, but we may have the solution to save everyone some time, money, and unwanted stress. We already Have several case options in the market that can protect mobile devices from harm, such as cracks, scraps, water damage, and more. But usually, these cases are not so efficient. Our smart case can detect when your handset is in a free fall. It then releases springs to make the phone bounces on the surface, damping the impact. The sensors present in the 'mobile airbag' case prompts the release of four springs that cause the phone to bounce when it hits the ground, giving higher chances of avoiding scrapes and cracks. The dampers in the case are pushed into an 'airbag' position with metal springs, and they essentially help in absorbing the impact of the fall. Once deployed, the dampers can be pushed back into the case, meaning you can use it again.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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