Celebration- Celebrate your event efficiently( Event Management Web based App)

This document presents the event management system “Celebration”. Our system is an advanced event management website where we provide a platform for our customers and event management service providers to interact directly to come up with an effective and efficient event plan. In “Celebration”, we included e-commerce as a regular section for our customers, so that they can get all the services and products they need at arms length. We have done minimal multipurpose functioning. We have key features like- real-time text messaging, meeting sessions, scheduling, change planner, purchase products, add to cart, reviews and complaint box. All these services will give our customers an experience of planning their event as perfectly as possible. There will be a complete transparency of the price ranges of all the services which would make planning even more efficient for our customers. We are also providing a platform for the providers where they can flourish their business and work through their profile. This will help both the customers and the providers ample opportunities of exploration. On our website “Celebration”, we also provide the opportunities for the admins to control the system properly. Admins can handle the customer and the providers and can take some necessary security measures. Currently, our website “Celebration” is working perfectly with all it’s features. In future if our business goes to action and it grows, our system can further expand with new added features.
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