Evaluation of Bashundhra Residential Area’s Rooftop Solar Panel: A Supply and Demand Approach

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In Bangladesh most electricity is produced using fossil fuels, creating air emissions polluting environment. Use of solar energy to produce electricity would reduce this pollution. Government of Bangladesh has made it prerequisite for building owner to install solar panel on the rooftop to cover at least 2% to 10% of total energy use to receive electric connection from the grid. However, there are not enough data available to verify if the building owners have fulfilled this government requirement. The aim of this research is to evaluate the present status of the rooftop solar panel use in Bashudhara Residential Area. The research was through literature review, questionnaire survey and open-ended interviews conducted to generate data on buildings in Bashundhara Residential Area of Dhaka city as well as through interviews of three solar power supply companies working in Bangladesh.50 buildings were visited, however, only complete data was received from 40 buildings. The result shows that out of these 40 buildings, 17% did not install solar panels. The rest of buildings had installed solar panels, but only 42% was in operation and 41% had used the panels as show piece just to get the electric connection and never was used. It was observed that there is no interested to maintain nonfunctioning solar panel because of the high cost. In Bashundhara residential buildings, 65% of total solar energy produced is used for lighting common areas like basement and ground floor, 33% is used in stairs lights, 2% is used in other purposes like during load shading.
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