Intelligent Micro Green House in Urban Environment

Intelligent Micro Green House is the future of Agriculture and Micro gardening. Today, with new and advanced technology, human interference can be reduced to the minimum. This will allow substantial yield better improved greenery. Bangladesh used to be one of the richest countries in vivid greenery and beauty. Unfortunately, due to rapid Industrialization and unplanned and disoriented Infrastructure, the country has lost most of its outwardly beauty and peace. Today, the urban dwellers live in a concrete jungle that live a robotic life, never taking a moment to just breathe. With our project, we aim to restore the greenery that has been lost on the quest to statistical rise in GDP and promote micro gardening substantially in all mediums of household to improve the quality of life we live. It will not only with this be of aesthetic pleasure but also somewhat tackling the rising food crises that the country might face in the future and help establish ‘Green’ initiative. We have considered the cost and affordability of the city’s demography and after careful planning have built a simpler and somewhat efficient system of a high- powered Green House, using Node MCU and Wi-Fi. Thus, a sustainable Micro Green House can be built on rooftops of all our household, which is incorporated nicely into our Sedentary lifestyle.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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