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In Bangladesh, A lot of forest was there in the 1990s. Environment was quite clean and fresh, but due to the increase of population, people are cutting down trees for their livelihood or dwelling place. Animals are getting killed and decreasing day by day. This is going to be a tough time for Bangladesh, if we do not trace the measurement of forest and its living hood animals. So, I am proposing a UAV rover that can do 3D mapping SLAM of forest using LIDAR and computer vision to detect plants, animals and make a survey of it. With the help of LoRa (long range transmitter) we transmit data to a local ground station and then to the server. This project helps us to have surveying, mapping, navigating, animal and plant detecting and counting etc. for the correct information about the forest. Moreover, we will use high technology Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning for autonomous simulation of this machine. ROS (Robot Operating System) will give this project into a new dimension in terms of optimization and accessibility. Gazebo will be used to simulate all the function and application of the rover before applying in the field. We will use rocker-bogie suspension to enable the rover to drive over obstacles (such as rocks). The proposed project has connected with a drone so that if any sort of communication repetition needed for any sort of miscommunication. Basically, Drone will work as a backup support for the project communication system and FPV (first person vision) view from the above.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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