Auto Solution: An Innovative System for Mechanic & Vehicle Owners

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Our main focus is to develop an app that will help people to save their hassle & time in an effective manner. The basic concept of this project is to develop an app which is easily useable. It inspires people to become more advanced with the modern technology. The whole system off this app has many major parts - 1)In this app customer, seller, mechanic everyone can register. 2) Customer or owner can get any kind of service at any place. 3) Through this app user can also buy essential accessories or parts of a car. Our application can be used by anyone so easily that they won't face any difficulties. To use this app user need to register by giving their Email adders & phone number. After registering by giving their information, they can login into their profile by providing Email & password. Through this user can search for a mechanic at their preferable place & time. User will get the mechanic from their nearby location through the database system, user will also get to see the location, name & phone number of the mechanic by this application. From this app user can buy their necessary things of car's by selecting their products. Moreover, user will also get their home service as well. There is also payment option available in this app where user can able to do their transaction & can check history. The project will work great between customer, mechanic and sellers. The proposed action of this app can give amazing service with Its effective techniques & obviously with the co-operation of the people who will use this. Through everyone's participations and help hopefully it can achieve the great field in Bangladesh platforms.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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