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The way people go about purchasing agricultural products is of great concern. Sometimes they have to travel far distances to obtain these products and unfortunately sometimes the products may not be in stock. Also the quality of the products is not guaranteed especially the perishables. In case of any problems the buyer cannot complain to the sellers or producer of the product. Also various market prices cannot be compared because buyers do not have the time and resources to be visiting all agro-farms. The main objective of this project is to help farmers ensure greater profitability through direct farmer to farmer, farmer to customer & farmer to dealer communication. Our project deals with respect to the farmer’s benefit of getting their products sale at a best price online. The main users of this website are farmer, customer, dealer and admin. Farmers will get unique interface where they can perform marketing, get the correct rates of the market, get in touch with SMS or Email and gather knowledge of different schemes and get pay online. It will provide market wise, commodity wise report to the farmer in interactive way. The centralized market committee will control all business activities. Agricultural E-commerce enables good trading possibilities by supporting different business models such as multi- suppliers, e-sales and several types of auctions. It can blur the physical existence of agro-allied stores, the integrity of products is ensured no paper money involved in the process, distance doesn’t exist and so on. Today E-commerce lacks fully automated business processes and still requires a significant manual effort by users. So our project tries to solve all lacking of E-commerce business process.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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