Apache Storm & Converting the Diagram app stored hyper graph to XML file & parse it in java

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“Big data processing with Apache storm and Hypergraph conversion” both of them are very important tasks. In modern days data is being generated at an extreme rate which is not only big in size but also comes in a wider variety. In order to process this large amount of data in real-time, we need to incorporate a real-time processing framework. There are many frameworks available each one having its own pros and cons. Frameworks help us to process this data more efficiently than any traditional system. Due to the expansion of technology & internet data is being generated and needs to be analyzed quickly in order to draw conclusions which might help to predict conclusions and will help to make better decisions. Hypergraphs have two or more vertices per edge. Hyper graphs preserve the multi-adic connections and have the ability of characterizing multilateral interactions. Because of their special capabilities they are applied in various research, information systems, modeling and analytics. Graph data structure denoted as HG(2) is conceptualized as a model to represent a complex problem space based on certain criteria. The criteria could be formalized as follows - The problem space (P S) must logically be divided into two levels with different complexities, one (P SG) with relatively lesser complexities, better orderedness and bounded by formalized set of rules, and another (P SH) which could be characterized by greater complexities and absence of ordered rule sets. In this project we draw hypergraphs, convert the diagramapp stored graph into XML file, then Parsing XML using java maven.
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