Smart Wireless Charger By Using Audio, wind and Friction Source

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In our daily life there is greater need of electricity, without the electricity many of our work will shut down and stuck at the same point. There is a greater need and huge amount of electricity is required so various methods are adopted for the production of electricity. But use of electricity art high rate and devastation also, thus requires the alternate a source of energy that not only produces the electricity but become a convenient way to produce high electric energy advantageous. New and creative method are used produce electricity is something different and valuable .It has disclosed the new dimensions in the field of electricity. We always eager to find out and also hoe noise pollution can be used to convert into electricity. Noise is often defined as unwanted sound, but technically noise is the perception of a series of compressions and rarefactions of the air above and below normal atoms phrenic pressure. It generates the vibration of air particles. Vibration refers to the oscillating movement of any object. In our project we use different types of methods. Which produce the mechanical energy through noise, wind flow and high pressure on surface. We all consider this technological advancement and great research work going on, it is possible now to convert this universally distributed pollution and save energy into useful form energy such as thermal energy and electrical energy.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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