MediHelper- Chatbot

Finding a reliable source for medical questions can be difficult, as the internet is now widely used and contains both legal and illicit information. It becomes easier and more efficient for a patient if a source can supply centralized information with accurate details and facts. The stress of wondering about whether the information is correct or not would be relieved, and the patient would be able to obtain information about neighboring hospitals and doctors. Our approach aims to alleviate people' concerns about locating the correct doctor. Medi Helper responds to the user's questions about hospitals, doctors, and primary care. We used the open-source RASA framework along with Bert model to make the chatbot. The architecture that’s used in RASA is NLP. It has major components Rasa NLU, Rasa Core, Rasa DM & Rasa NLG. Rasa Core helps to build contextual chatbots. Through our chatbot, we hope to give the finest possible medical online care and lessen the patient’s wariness.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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