An Iot Based Water Quality Monitoring And Testing System

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Bangladesh is a land of river. Our agricultural sector is so much dependent on rivers in order to fish farming. Fish farming is one of the important activities in the coastal region of Bangladesh. Livelihood of thousands of fish farmers depends on fish farming. Water quality plays an important factor that affects the growth of fish production. Any deterioration in water quality endangers these species and affects the yield. Therefore, we feel the importance of monitoring the water quality at regular intervals and provide alerts to the fish farmers so that they can take preventive actions at any time. High quality water will be more conductive to the fish growth. It can enhance economic value of fish farming and contribute a vital role in aspect of developing the cause of water in fish farming. Traditional fishery water quality assessment and prediction rely on collecting samples and sending them to experiment in different time periods, and then carrying out physical and chemical analysis and testing, which takes a long period of time and consumes more human resources, which is not only troublesome but also blundering. To overcome all these problems, we’ve designed and implemented water quality system using Arduino uno, temperature sensor (DS18B20), acidity (pH), turbidity sensor (SEN0189), water level sensor and waterproof sonar sensor (AJ-SR04M). Also, to show the outputs we’ve used 16x2 LCD. The system can be used to monitor water quality in aquariums, ponds, aquaculture as well as pisciculture.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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