Epileptic Seizure Detector

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In this paper, the aim is to propose a seizure detection system based on accelerometry for the detection of epileptic seizure. The monitoring of epileptic seizures is mainly done by means of electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring. Although this method is accurate, it is not comfortable for the patient as the EEG-electrodes have to be attached to the scalp which hampers the patient's movement. This makes long-term home monitoring not feasible. Our system will user friendly and user can move freely. It will also help user to have a normal day to day life. Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder with several different types of seizures, some of them characterized by involuntary recurrent convulsions, which have a great impact on the everyday life of the patients. Several solutions have been proposed in the literature to detect this type of seizures and to monitor the patient; however, these approaches lack in ergonomic issues and in the suitable integration with the health system. This research makes an in-depth analysis of the main factors that an epileptic detection and monitoring tool should accomplish. Furthermore, we introduce the architecture for a specific epilepsy detection and monitoring platform, fulfilling these factors. Special attention has been given to the part of the system the patient should wear, providing details of this part of the platform. Finally, a partial implementation has been deployed and several tests have been proposed and carried out in order to make some design decisions.
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