Pandemic Essentials: Web Based System for Essential Services During the COVID 19 Pandemic

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As Covid-19 pandemic locked everyone in their house, people felt necessary for several services to survive this situation. This paper presents the development of web applications that contains some essential services during the pandemic situation for the people of Bangladesh. Via this web application, admin and users can sign in and log in. Admin can add products that are related to pandemic on the shop service, and then the users can buy these products. Also, admin can add nurses, burial and funeral volunteers, Covid-19 test sample collectors to different cities. The service providers will sign up and add services with proper certificates to provide services. Then admin will verify vendor’s certificate. If the certificates are valid only then vendors will be visible in the websites and users will be able to get service from them. Users can get these services by providing their addresses and date. Users also can cancel service request before the service providing time. Vendors can view the pending services list and provide services. Vendors can also cancel the service before the service providing time if any problem occurs in vendor’s side. After providing the service both vendors and users can confirm that the service is done. Users also can give feedback on vendors listing after getting the service. Also, there will be registered fitness and nutrition coaches on the website. Users can get advice for fitness and nutrition by private messages via this website. As it's risky to go out from home during this situation, the necessity for going out will be lessened if people get these services online. And their hassles will be lower if people can find all these services on one website.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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