Multi-purpose Automated Car

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During this pandemic of COVID- 19, More than ever we are in need of science and technology. Where daily interaction is becoming impossible day by day. As such time we are building an automatic car which will help us inter-acting regularly while our priority, keeping distance, in check. The presence of other drivers, cyclists, and sudden barriers are all issues that autonomous vehicles face. That's why for minimizing these issues we add different features with our automated car-like line following, Object avoiding, and also manually controlled system. We are building an automatic car that will follow a set of instructions without any delay it will follow a particular line or direction. Watmore is that it will not bump in any object in the way. We have planning to do a lot if of addition to the project so that we can start using the automatic car in real life as soon as possible. A Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) for an automatic car control system is also part of this project. Using the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox in MATLAB, the device response is simulated. The aim of this controller is to brake a vehicle when the vehicle at a specific range encounters an obstacle. The fuzzy logic control method was chosen on the basis of certain circumstances to be able to generate behavior that conforms to these conditions.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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