Digital Broadcasting and Maintenance System in Satellite Television Channel

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An abstract is a descriptive summary of a body of information in a paragraph—100- 350 words. An abstract expresses the main claim and argument of a report. It should not include bibliographic citations. An abstract concisely highlights or reviews the major points covered along with the content and scope of the report. Television has become an inseparable element of our modern world. It has vast social and commercial importance in the whole world. The success of a TV channel mostly depends on the broadcasting techniques. Television signal broadcasting is one of the most complex and evolutionary aspects of science. There are several methods for broadcasting electronic media: 1. Terrestrial TV signal broadcasting. 2. Satellite TV signal broadcasting. 3. FM radio broadcasting. 4. Community radio broadcasting. In the past, TV signals or any media signals were done in analog transmission. Now, the world is switching to digital transmission for better performance and spectrum utilization. In Bangladesh, most of the satellite channels use digital transmission techniques. In this internship report, the digital transmission technique used by Gaan Bangla Television has been noted. I have finished my 3 months internship in Gaan Bangla Television, and I have prepared the report according to my working experience in this channel. I have also followed my instructor, Ms. Mounota M. Natasha, in writing the report. Digital satellite transmission in HD quality is the main topic of this internship report.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
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