Self-Driving Car

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Our project is to build a robot car or an autonomous car using raspberry pi, Arduino, and sensors which get command from a Laptop computer to generate the initial path commands. We used sensors to collect data and used mobileNet version-2 for obstacle detection, image processing unit. A raspberry pi is used as the brain of the system and Arduino is used as a slave device to provide the instructions to the car. The car which we made features electric motor driving, each of the wheels is connected to dc motors which gives the orientation of the direction of moving. The car will be able to reach a particular destination by detecting and avoiding any kind of obstacle. In the modern era, the vehicles are focused to be automated and to give human driver relaxed driving. In the field of automobile various aspects have been considered which makes a self-driving car, these vehicles can sense their environment and navigate even rerouting due to traffic, accidents, or construction by way of built-in cameras, radar, sonar, GPS and infrared sensors. Our target by creating an Autonomous Car is to increase efficiency by reducing the possibilities of accidents and to ensure the safety of the passengers as well as the pedestrians. But the best part of our project (Autonomous Car) is that it can serve the applications in the industrial area or for military purposes where the situation is inconvenient, dangerous or impossible to have human operators present, it can also serve special people who have difficulties to drive. Already some country used many types of Autonomous vehicle or Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) for military purposes and other important work. There are many Driverless Or Autonomous Vehicles already exist and are perfectly used in much challenging fieldworks. The future of autonomous vehicles is an ambitious era of safe and comfortable transportation.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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