Solar Powered Remotely Controlled Smart Agriculture Monitoring IoT Device for Crop Yield Prediction and Auto Irrigation using Machine Learning techniques.

Agriculture is the country's backbone and is connected with the country's food security. In Bangladesh, Agriculture employs about half of Bangladesh's population, with more than 70% of the country's territory dedicated to crop production. But the agricultural culture in our country remained based on ancient traditional solutions and predictions. As a result, they cannot bring targeted profit every time. This proposed system is an IOT-based smart agricultural device that will be powered by a sustainable solar power system that can be beneficial to the ecosystem. The portable prototype device is controlled or monitored by an android application via wifi or mobile network. Our prototype device is capable of sending and storing data in a real-time database from anywhere in the country, even in the world. Also, with the help of automation, it will reduce water resources. In the last 30 years in our country, the labor count has reduced by almost 50%. So, this system is capable of solving the human labor shortage in our country as well as the cost of human labor. From the system, authorized users receive recommendations of various crops, percentage of required fertilizer, and percentage of nutrition, and suggestions for different crop cultivation in the same area over and over. And a report is being generated. For researchers, this device will be a great source because, in a sensor network system configuration, our proposed device can be used in different or all nodes of the system. In this configuration, users can get data from entire districts and even divisions. Renewable energy in the form of solar power is used to power the system.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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