Electronic Health Care Data Record Security Using Blockchain and Smart Contract

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An electronic health record (EHR) is a technology that allows you to keep track of your health information electronically. It keeps computerized records of health information. These records can be shared throughout several healthcare organizations. Records are exchanged via enterprise-wide data systems as well as other networking technologies and exchanges. With the growing demand for the amount of data produced, a change in the way records and information are managed is essential in this industry. Patients nowadays expect immediate access to their health information. Many healthcare institutions have already assured their clients of rapid access. However, the centralized systems that drive the health sector come with immediate access to data as well as significant worries about the privacy and safety of medical records of patients. As a result, an online web-based solution based on Blockchain can assist in resolving this issue. The Blockchain has the potential to beat the conventional centralized system, which suffers from a severe lack of accessibility. This is a decentralized technology that has recently been presented to provide a new viewpoint on data security, reliability, and system efficiency. There is also a virtual wallet (meta-mask) that holds a centrally controlled, private information system in which records may be quickly accessed and exchanged with authorities. This paper presents a web-based technology that helps patients' data be managed into a single record held by the patient with the help of Blockchain. Besides, this technology allows more collaboration between doctors and patients. Doctors and patients can access the system through a wallet. Also, the doctor can add & update medical records securely for patients through their wallet. Moreover, all data of the doctor and patient will be secure & manageable through this technology. Our proposed system aims to do two things: first, deploy Blockchain technology, and then, enable safe storage of electronic data by setting specific access controls for users. Finally, this paper describes a health-record system and a new protocol for accessing and building a system that is quick and secure with an easy-to-use interface. It can be disrupted and revolutionized. It allows greater openness and ownership of sensitive data and also promotes the healthcare sector with Blockchain.
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