Vromor Express: A Delivery Management System

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The concept of work is gradually changing in the present world. We like to do most of the things online now, be it a business deal or online education. Moreover due to the current corona virus pandemic, everyone prefers to do their job online with assurance and ease. As the growth rate of e-commerce and f-commerce ventures are very high, the delivery of their product is also an important part of the business. The current regulations on social distancing and social gatherings have made online business most desirable. We identified that delivery is playing an important role in trending online business. Now it’s really challenging to deliver your products in clients’ doorstep without any hassle. There are few existing company who has their own delivery management system but it can be used only for their delivery company. So we came up with an idea of a delivery management system which can be used for a delivery company itself and also a single venture can use it to track their delivery team with our delivery management system. And we named it, Vromor Express. Vromor Express will provide the delivery at a lower cost and greater assurance through tracking system. This will also ensure tracking facility online without the hassle of calling several people a number of times. The approach we have taken is to create a web based platform where the delivery management system will run. Here admins, users, merchants, riders and recipients all can access in their respective system portal and manage their deliveries by themselves. They can easily track their parcel and also have a storage facility.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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