SHARE2CARE: A Mobile Application to Connect People and Promote Humanity

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In Bangladesh, most of the people are poor and without any support. They are homeless and without help, their life is worsening day by day. University students are the people who are very active and can also help others. Often many of us want to donate blood, help in many events. Also students may want to share books and stuffs in every semester between them. If there were any platform that can solve the two problems at once that would be so great and helpful for the students. On the other hand, there are so many charity organizations that are helping people, yet they are failing to attract and encourage people to donate. To circumvent these problems, we have come up with an idea of making an app and a website by which we can collect funds and seek volunteer for helping a charity like event. Our charity app and website are an online donation and volunteering platform where we can donate, create events for raising funds, share and exchange books, donate blood. We wanted to make an app of donation as well as a sharing platform for university such as North South University. By this platform, we want to contribute to the poor, and also, our students can volunteer in any event they want. We named our app “share2care”, as we all know that sharing is caring.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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