Motorcycle Inventory Management System(Dhaka Motors)

Now days in Bangladesh, motor bike is an essential vehicle for regular transportation. People choose motor bike rather than car or larger vehicles for faster transportation in the city due to over-jammed road. Also in rural areas, the motor bike is very much popular nowadays. The importer of motorbikes sell it and provides services in Bangladesh. To keep each and every record safe, they uses data storages in various ways. They uses many applications to automate the work. In this project we will compare some of the system used by some importers. Due to the increase the sale of the company, the existing manual system is no longer responsive to handle the whole process of the organization. That why the organization wants to move to an automated well responsive system that will make their process easier and decrease the work load. This project based on developing an automated web based application that will make the whole processes of recording information of motorcycles easier and getting together the official and customer end processes. To develop an automated system for the organization there need to maintain some stages for planning, analyzing etc. from the starting to end of the development under a methodology. All the stages are described below with explanation.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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