Krishok – An IoT Based Intelligent Farming Solution

Krishok - is an IoT based farming solution for Bangladeshi farmers to grow the better number of crops with better quality. Another outcome of this project is to help the farmers to face any kind of unknown condition which they did not face in their farming life. The whole system is automated where the device will notify the suggestions to the farmers by analyzing the data which it will get from its sensors, cameras, learning, and analytical capability. The system will also help the farmers by suggesting and predicting which types of the crop will be helpful for attaining better profit under the range of options. It will also guide a farmer towards a good solution to those crops. The future scope of the project is, it will open job opportunity with a minimum budget but maximum profit in reply. The opened job opportunity of the project will be for those people who have little technical knowledge.
Department Name
Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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