Development of Mobile Apps- NAGORIK

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Communicating and sharing problems with the city corporation are very time-consuming and are a hassle for the citizens. Thus, citizens have to face lots of trouble. It is really very difficult for them to find the nearby offices of city corporation and complain their problems. As a result, lots of time of citizens is wasted. And it is in fact true that very few people complain about the problems of the city. Thus, most of the time, the authority usually doesn’t look at these problems. And so, many problems of the city don’t get solved. And because of this reason, we have developed a mobile app which is “NAGORIK”. We have developed this app using Kotlin and it is user friendly and widely applicable. Our "NAGORIK" app will help the citizens to communicate with the city corporation easily. Through our app, citizens will be able to post any complains including the picture of the problem and then the authority will be able to take immediate action as necessary. Then it is expected that many problems would be solved. Even, the citizens will able to find the nearby offices of the city corporation with the help of Google Map. Another main problem is that sometimes it is extremely difficult for the citizens to find the perfect hospital which is situated near their location in the case of an emergency situation. Sometimes, people make a huge mistake and, in many cases, they go to a hospital which is located very far from their location and therefore, they are unable to save a life in an emergency situation. As a result, in many cases, people fail to select the right hospital in case of an emergency situation. Our app will help them to find the right hospital which is located at a convenient location from their destination with the help of Google Map in case of an emergency situation and so this app may contribute to save lots of life. Indeed, this app will make citizens' lives better and easier
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University