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Bangladesh is a developing country and its population is mainly middle-class families. These family’s despite of having dreams and potentiality isn’t always capable of affording the fees of the student consultancy firms. Hence, many bright futures fail to meet their destination. For a majority of these students, studying at a reputable university abroad is the imminent goal. While planning to study abroad, most of them don’t know what to look for and where, and can’t decide accordingly on their next moves. Not all applicants will be successful in their very first attempt. Some might get admitted, but no scholarship. Some will face visa issues. In spite of having many websites to help the students with the information that they need, there is a lack of information in every website as their information is based on either any particular problem or any country. That’s why students get confused or miss information that they need. With the increasing number of students planning to go abroad for studies, there remain numerous questions, whose answers could pave the way to a better and informed decision. We decided to tackle this problem by introducing a web application title, “Study Abroad”. Our website will include all related information at one place and decrease the hassle of students and also remove any need of “consultancy firms” as we aim to connect student directly to his/her desired university. Study Abroad provides information about countries, documents required for visa, university, university rankings, job opportunities around campus and so on. A student can create his/her personalized portfolio and directly apply to their desired university through our portal. Universities can view such applications and accept/reject them based on their requirements. Thus, connecting an applicant directly to universities and providing them with all the information required before, during and after application.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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