Solar-Wind Hybrid Power System in Bangladesh

Energy is basic to the monetary development and social improvement of any nation. Indigenous energy assets should be created to the ideal dimension to limit for diminishing the misfortune. Be that as it may, it is reliant on imported powers, subject to settling financial, ecological and social imperatives. There is developing mindfulness that sustainable power source, for example, the photovoltaic system and Wind power have a critical task to carry out so as to spare the circumstance. A solar wind hybrid power system is a reliable substitute Power source. So it is the contextual analysis which is joined the solar power with the energy of the wind and uses it to make both trustworthy and reliable energy sources. Solar and wind created are considerably less than non-renewable energy source generation. The ideal arrangement is to consolidate these two wellsprings of energy sources to make a steady energy stream. Solar and wind energy assets are an option in contrast to one another which will have the real potential to fulfill the heap to something.
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