Research and Development of Cost Effective Smart and Multifunctional Stick for Blind People

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A smart stick system is a solution which helps visually impaired people to detect obstacles, waters and dangers in front of them during walking time. It identifies almost everything around them. The system is modified to perform like an artificial vision and alarm unit the system consists of two sensors: water sensor, ultrasonic sensor and microcontroller (Arduino Uno R3) to receive the sensor signals and process them to short pulses to the Arduino pins where buzzers are connected. GPS and GSM are used so that if the user thinks he/she is lost then they can press a button which will send the exact location of the stick to a particular number, which will be known as EC (Emergency Contact) button. Also, there is RF Module which will help to find the stick if it is lost in a certain range. GPS navigation system in the Mobile can be used to guide the blind people to find any places. The blind man uses an earphone to listen to the navigation directions that are coming from the mobile phone and buzzer alarm to warn by sound. In this project, a smart stick is provided which is affordable and suitable for most of the blind people, and also it is light in weight. It can be made available to all aspects of the society and to the families who need it.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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