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Our main purpose is to offer personal care at home for aged people and post-surgical patients. Personal care includes bathing, grooming, toilet hygiene, medical supervision. They may seem trivial. But getting professional help for disabled persons or seniors is of great value. The nurses will be skilled, experienced and gentle. We provide physiotherapy at home. It’s mainly helpful for people who are not able to go to hospital to take physiotherapy. The therapist will travels to the patient’s home for the therapy session. Home based therapies are time-saving. They promote faster healing. It will be one to one session. Physiotherapy will prevent disorders and functional limitations and disabilities that may be caused by disease, disorder, or injury. We want to provide affordable services at home. We also have 24/7 hours medicine service. We have direct links to pharmacy for medicine and other health care products. Customers can order medicine through the app at any time. They can also order medicines by sharing picture of their prescription. For this people don't have to go out to buy their medicine and other essential health care products. There is an emergency delivery option to get their medicine within short times. Cash on delivery is available for the customers. We also have 24/7 hours ambulance service. We provide the nearest ambulance service for patients and dead bodies. There are different types of ambulance like AC ambulance, Non AC ambulance, freezing ambulance service etc. We will provide the fastest ambulance service.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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