Design of a Cost-Effective Floating Waste Cleaning Robot

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Abstract – Since the beginning of the 21st century, we have seen the use of robots on an enormous scale in various tasks by replacing human labor efficiently. The automated, accurate, human error free operations performed by robots are the most significant gift of science. However, the mechanism of keeping standstill or low-current waterbodies free of floating plastic waste is still done traditionally. An extremely budget-friendly water waste cleaning robot made up of readily available cheap materials with minimal human labor is presented in this work. This project discusses the implementation of a robot that can reduce or even nullify human effort to solve one of the biggest problems of the modern era, i.e., floating waste management in the ponds and lakes. Plastic waste in reservoirs does a lot of damage, not only to the water purity and aquatic life but also to the complete ecosystem. This bot is made of floatable material that will hover on the water to collect the waste materials resulting in cleaning our water bodies. The robot's cage-like structure is controlled remotely by a simple smartphone app, ensuring a very user-friendly interface. The waste trapped inside will have to be manually taken out of the bot before a second launch. Successful test-runs have been made to collect different types of plastic waste in a small water body. The robot's working range and battery life are tested to sustain an effective cleaning process concerning the time taken. The user can control the speed of the robot to make its easy and precise maneuvering.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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