Virtual Space for Remote Trial and Assessment Related to E-Commerce using Augmented Reality and Face Tracking

With the increase of trade in the fashion industry, comes the increased need for people to try out their wears before or during purchase. In some cases, trying out several products before purchasing only one or sometimes even none at all. This raises the problem of limited showroom space and also causes clustering of people specially during such sensitive times thus causing the number of trial rooms in each showroom to be insufficient. And for e-tailers the problem of unsatisfied customers for lack of trial before purchase is more evident. This project tackles this problem by using the current available Augmented Reality technology to create a mobile virtual trial space. This trial space comes in the form of a mobile App and can be accessed from anywhere with a Smartphone, HoloLens or Google glass. This project also provides a detailed market analysis about the pros and cons of using this App and also predicts the future benefits and losses for both the consumer and the retailers.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North Southj University
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