All object on-chip tractor beam using SPP

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In this paper we designed an on-chip configuration where implementation of an all object optical tractor beam was made possible. By all object, we are referring to spherical nanoparticles of dielectric, plasmonic and chiral material. This tractor beam was composed of the superposition of two evanescently confined surface waves called SPP (Surface Plasmon Polariton), which was excited over the on-chip base by the incidence of a plane polarized laser light propagating vertically upwards. Arrays of nanoantenna like structures called metasurfaces has been used in this setup to manipulate the evanescent surface wave. Exerting pulling force is only possible when the beam incident over the particle has a non-paraxial nature. In reality, non-paraxiality of a beam is a somewhat hypothetical requirement. However, this issue is resolved by creating an interference field formed by the superposition of the SPP beam along with the induced effect within the particle and the substrate which led to the emergence of this backward pulling force. Pulling force was realized within certain diameter range (Mie Range). To the best of our knowledge, this article stands as the first proposal of realizing all object tractor beam in an on-chip configuration where the configuration itself is mitigating the paraxiality issue for all objects and using the same setup, pulling of such particles can be realized. Our work can be extended to sorting of particles in an inhomogeneous mixture, such as analysis of biomolecules.
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