Arduino Based Apartment Security System with Automation

One of the most prominent things in the home security solutions is IOT(Internet of things)that can handle layered security based on any advanced algorithm. But most of them lack proper management issues besides backups and volatile issues. Beside those it has cost efficiency issues. In fact most of them can have much needed features like home automation, portability and command operations. This papers aims to provide a high quality and reliable home security that supports home automation, portability, data records, backups, data encryption and IOT. It has introduces friendly home operating system is a single master device that handles other slave devices. Portability and flexibility is the beauty besides the security layers is strength of the device. The device's price range was kept to a minimum level to make it easier for home implementation alongside providing a quality security.
TECHNOLOGY::Electrical engineering, electronics and photonics::Electrical engineering
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North South University
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