Dark Web E-Commerce Sites

The dark Web is a much bigger place than our surface web in terms of the number of websites, so we cannot say the same thing about the e-commerce world of the Dark Web. Most of the e-commerce on the Dark Web is linked with various illegal activities. It can be considered a huge repository of selling drugs, weapons, pornography, personal documents, stolen & brand new electronic parts, and even body parts of humans. Using transactions via anonymous cryptocurrency, the Dark Web assured buyers that they could trade here without exposing their personal information. Privacy is a key component that makes the e-commerce of the Dark Web so popular, and it is increasing rapidly. Our purpose of this research is only to observe the structure of e-commerce websites of the Dark Web & the main causes that bring the interest of buyers to visit Dark Web e-commerce more & more. In order to accomplish that, this research paper represents our attempt to crawl and scrape dark websites.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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