IOT based Garbage management system for Smart Cities

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With the rapid increase of population and industrialization of nations, throughout the world, waste management has become a great concern for all of us. The improvement of the waste collection service in cities, generally the achievement of more efficient waste management is one of the main challenges that the cities face. Due to the lack of waste management, it creates unhygienic situation to the citizens. Nowadays, huge progress is shown in the field of information and communication technology. People’s interest in using of electronic products such as computers and mobile devices are increasing. To avoid this waste management problem IOT based Smart Waste Management system is considered as a trending solution. Researchers also have introduced IoT based Smart waste management solutions and initiatives so that we can reduce the time and amount of energy required to provide the service, and also can reduce the waste generated. But the developing countries like Bangladesh, are not being able to apply the solutions due to many facts where socioeconomic environment is one of them. Many times, in our city we see that the garbage bins placed at public place is overloaded which creates an unhygienic environment. In this proposed system, a dustbin with embedded device will be made which helps in real time monitoring level of garbage in garbage bins. In this project, we will develop IoT based smart waste management system for developing countries like Bangladesh which ensures proper collection of waste, disposal and transportation with minimum amount of resources.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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