School of Business & Economics (SBE)

The mission of School of Business & Economics, SBE of NSU is to develop professionals in Bangladesh who will lead firms and organizations to their success through sustainable practices.

  • Life-long learners, SBE graduates will be forward thinkers, problem solvers, efficient planners, and team players.
  • SBE graduates will be aware of ethical standards and their importance and understand their role in establishing and maintaining sustainable business practices.
  • In line with the mission of NSU, the programs of study in SBE will be designed to provide students with the proper knowledge and to equip them with the right analytical, critical thinking, communication, and technology skills.
  •  SBE, to achieve its mission, will strive to preserve its distinctive position in Bangladesh in the experience it offers to students through classroom teaching by the best faculty members in the country enhanced experiential learning, and leading curricula designed to meet individual and industry needs.

It is our vision to be a business school that implements global standards in business and economics education within our regional context, to develop a productive workforce for next-generation thinkers and leaders of business societies


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