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The Department of English & Modern Languages offers undergraduate as well as graduate programs in English and provides students with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the language and its teaching, to know and appreciate both seminal and creative works in language and literature, and also to develop literary and academic aptitudes of their own. Majors offered by the English department at the undergraduate level are widely recognized. They prepare students to engage in many fields, including graduate degrees in teaching, journalism, information technology, management, law and administration, as well as more language-focused fields like creative writing and translation. The department initially started with general education non-credit English courses like ENG097 and ENG102, and credits courses such as ENG103 and ENG105 for all the departments. The service courses have been revised and redesigned periodically in order to make them more effective and relevant to the needs of students. New courses were also introduced keeping in view the demands and changes taking place in English studies and employment opportunities throughout the world.


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