An economic and automatic water quality monitoring system in the light of industry 4.0

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Water quality monitoring is significant for sustainable aquaculture. It helps to reduce the risk of unwanted fish loss due to poor water quality, as a result, farmers can maximize profit. DO, Ammonia, pH, Temperature, Turbidity and TDS are the key parameters and their correct level in water ensures favourable conditions for aquaculture. However, in the aquaculture industry, DO and ammonia measurement with digital systems are costly. Eventually, it is inevitable for the aquaculture farmers to measure the other parameters (pH, Temperature, Turbidity and TDS) by the side of DO, Ammonia. Therefore, we have developed a system in the light of industry 4.0 with the aid of IoT that can monitor automatically the above-mentioned water quality parameters without human involvement and keep the users updated remotely with the help of an android app. The system is expected to achieve more than 98% accuracy in DO tests and nearly 99+% accuracy in ammonia measurement in water. Other parameter readings like temperature, turbidity, and PH have produced a high precision result as modern sensors are used. Our study shows that the developed system can cut down the overall cost (accusation and test) by approximately 85% and it will open a new door of opportunity for aquaculture automation. DO, Ammonia, PH, Temperature, Turbidity and TDS
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