Change Detection Analysis and Characterization of Land Components in Sylhet Division Using Remote Sensing

This paper illustrates the result of changing in different types of land cover of Sylhet Division of Bangladesh using Remote Sensing techniques and multispectral satellite image data from 1990 to 2020. Unsupervised classification is used to analyze the trend of changes of the components of land cover over the past decadal years and changing variation in different months (January, February & March). The spectral and spatial analysis are being done to characterize the land cover components in different months. The maps are created by using high resolution images such as LANDSAT 5 and LANDSAT 8. The overall analysis is indicating that different components of land covers in Sylhet division is decreasing over the past decadal years due to loss of natural soil nutrients, loss of natural water reservoirs and of their resultant benefits, increase in the occurrence of flooding and degeneration of wetland-based ecosystems, occupations, socio-economic institutions and cultures. Increased population in Sylhet division is another reason for the awful situation of land cover areas within the four decadal years.
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