Blockchain, IPFS, and Encryption based framework for disease diagnosis on smartphones

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People are using many wearable sensors and medical IOT(Internet of Things) devices nowadays to measure and to diagnose their personal health status. Measuring heartbeat is one of them. Irregular heartbeat rate can indicate many potential or existing illnesses. But these sensors and IOT devices can be expensive and may not be easily available in the market. At present, we mostly use smartphones which need not to be very expensive and are easily available. We can offer rich reports using machine learning based on patient’s data. So, we have built a cloud based smartphone application framework that collects data (primarily heartbeat rate) from users using available sensors (e.g.: microphone), and processes the data with the help of machine learning scripts and maintains data integrity. Personal Health Record (PHR) service is becoming a valuable source of data for hospitals and doctors. It has become necessary that the patient keeps the ownership of the data, securely organises, shares these medical data and can remain anonymous in this system. In order to achieve these goals, we are going to implement Blockchain, IPFS, and Encryption technologies in a virtual private network, applications of which are getting very popular in health care services. This implementation complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). There are already some papers written on how we can implement Blockchain in the health care system but very few have been implemented till now. Besides, the use of cryptocurrencies for each transaction in Blockchain increases the overall cost and Blo
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